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External Business Services

​Advisory services and fiscal oversight are provided to 18 school districts in Marin County. These services include guidance and support with financial reporting, budget development and accounting. Regionalized services such as payroll processing, vendor payments, and retirement reporting are also provided. AB1200 fiscal oversight responsibilities and compliance reviews are performed four times annually for each school district in the county. In some situations, the Business Services staff provides intervention to districts and prepares in-depth analysis and recommended strategies for any necessary corrective measures. In addition, two school districts’ business services are performed at the Marin County Office of Education.

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External Business Contacts:
Kate Lane, Interim
Assistant Superintendent -
Amy Prescott, Director -

Andy Gramajo, Accountant-
Keith Ricci, Accountant -
Penny Stevenson, Accountant -
Andrea Triboletti, Accountant -
Terri Nadell, Accounting Assistant -
Tsan Ng, Accounting Assistant -
Tony Santana, Accounting Assistant -
Nancy Duns, Accounting Clerk -