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External Payroll Services

External Payroll Services provides service, support and assistance to 19 school districts in Marin County. In addition, this team processes over 51,000 warrants and over 5,700 W-2s annually and maintains the payroll clearing account.

The External Payroll Team serves as the liaison and reporting agent for the following items:

  • Federal and State Taxes Payment/Reporting
  • Process payment for Worker’s Compensation 
  • State Teachers’ and Public Employees’ Retirement Systems report processing
  • Wage Garnishments (IRS Levy, Franchise Tax Board, Child Support, etc.)
  • Payroll Processing Calendar
  • Direct Deposit Processing (ACH)
  • Process and distribution of Payroll Warrants, Payroll Reports
  • Affidavits/Petition for Lost Payroll / Vendor Warrants

Payroll Resources: