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Early Childhood Education

The Marin County Office of Education is committed to supporting quality early care and education in Marin County.   It offers several different programs as part of this effort. 

Professional Development Calendar 2016-2017

Pre K to 3: Early School Success

As part of an effort to close the academic achievement gap, MCOE is administering the Early Success Initiative funded by the Marin Community Foundation and the Haas Fund. 

This Initiative supports ten elementary school sites in four districts across the county.  Working with their preschool, afterschool, and community partners, school sites are developing innovative programs that support:

 1) A shared vision of high quality early education

 2) A positive school climate that is culturally competent

 3) High quality teaching

 4) Alignment across standards, curricula, and assessments

 5) Strong family engagement practices

 6) Expanded learning opportunities.


ECE Quality Improvement Project

The ECE Quality Improvement Project supports preschool programs whose children feed into the ten Pre K-3 elementary schools. 

Key elements of the Early Childhood Education Quality Improvement Project are:

  • Research
  • Social Emotional Development and Cultural Proficiency
  • Parent Engagement and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
  • CLASS Data
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • PreK Alignment Activities
  • Demonstration Classrooms
  • Leadership Development


AB212 Stipends

Early  Care and Education staff are encouraged to continue their education and professional development through  AB212 - a teacher stipend program. AB212 Enrollment Period is May - September 30.

Marin County Child Care Commission

The Marin County Child Care Commission serves as the state-mandated local child care and development planning council.  The Commission is responsible for leading the community in planning and establishing a comprehensive, high quality child care system in Marin. 













Raquel Rose
Assistant Superintendent

Carol Barton, MPA
ECE Project Coordinator

Tanya Myers, MA
ECE Assistant Project Consultant

Ericka Erickson, MPA
Local Planning Council Coordinator  

Dr. Jan La Torre-Derby
Director, P3 and College Access

Angela Beeck,MA                                 ECE Assistant Project Consultant   

Kimberly Chandler
Senior Admin to Early Childhood

Vicki Ascher                                  Assistant  P3 & College Accesss