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Local CTAP Services

Each county in CTAP Region 4 provides CTAP services to their districts through their own regional technology lead.  The technology leads meet several times a year to coordinate the work of grooming and approving technology plans, share consortium purchasing opportunities, and to collaborate on key projects.  Contact Sam Sakai-Miller if you have questions regarding local CTAP services and regional partnerships and collaborative projects.

Local CTAP Project Support

EETT Technology Plan Support

Four districts have tech plans expiring on June 30, 2012: Larkspur, Mill Valley, Novato, and Ross Valley. 

Cycle deadlines: Cycle A – October 7, 2011, Cycle B – December 17, 2011, and Cycle C: April 13, 2012. 

Links to helpful resources:

EETT Formula and Competitive Funding

Districts receive EETT Formula funding based on ADA and must be eligible to receive Title I, Part A funds. No application is necessary; LEAs simply sign the AO-400 Award Letter in a timely manner. Districts do not receive any funds until the EOP report are submitted in fall of 2010, which is very different from the previous practice of receiving 85% of the funding up front and the remaining 15% after the EOP report is submitted.  To spend and retain allocated funds, Districts must:

  • Have an EETT-approved Technology Plan in place
    Tech Plan Status by County
  • Submit end of period expenditure reports (EOP)

CDE EETT-F Website

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K12 Voucher Balances  

Regional Partnerships and Collaborative Projects

  • Digital Citizenship Portal

Consortium Purchasing Opportunities

  • Ed1Stop
  • Curriculum Companion