Alternative Education Program

  • The Marin County Office of Education (MCOE) Programs serve youth from around the County. We are committed to ensuring every student gets the resources and opportunities they need to follow their passions and lead purposeful lives.

    We are excited to offer several alternative programs for students and families who are seeking a smaller setting with a higher staff-to-student ratio, personalized learning, and increased supports so that students we help prepare for college, career, and life. As we challenge the traditional identity of alternative education programs, we encourage referrals earlier for students who would benefit from the programs we have here.

Alternative Education Referral Process

  • Generally, districts refer students through the SARB or expulsion processes. However, we also have students who self-refer or who elect to stay with us after the completion of their contracts, because they are benefitting from our programs. We also receive referrals directly from Marin County Juvenile Probation. In these cases, we would work with the MCOE admissions team as well as the home District to ensure the correct school placement.


    Most students will be enrolled in Marin’s Community School/Phoenix Academy programs, with Oracle Independent Study as an option in special circumstances, and based on available space. For a more thorough description of the individual programs, please click the links on the left. 



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