Deaf/Hard of Hearing

  • The DHH program serves deaf and hard-of-hearing students from 3 to 22 years old whose hearing loss ranges from mild to profound. Students with these low incidence disabilities are provided with specialized support in district schools, special education classrooms, and other community settings. The program currently includes a deaf/hard of hearing special day class for preschool-aged children and itinerant services for students with hearing loss. 

Referral for DHH Services

  • Students are considered for referral to the DHH Program when district special education personnel complete and submit a DHH Referral Packet to the MCOE Special Education Department. An MCOE DHH specialist reviews this screening packet to assist the district in determining if an assessment for special education eligibility is appropriate. If the district finds an appropriate assessment, an assessment plan will be developed and sent to the parent or educational rights holder for review and consent.

Role of an Itinerant Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher

  • An itinerant teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing includes supporting multiple deaf and hard of hearing students in local neighborhood school programs. The itinerant links the school and family of the deaf or hard-of-hearing child. The itinerant teacher supports families and students in and outside the classroom to help them access the world around them.

  • Academic Support

  • Support for School Staff and Parents

  • Study and Organizational Skills

  • Assessment

  • Language Intruction

  • Self-Advocacy Skills

  • Managing Communication Needs

  • Social Engagement

  • Transition Planning

  • Services