• Conditional Entry Decision Tool for TK/K-12

    The Conditional Entry Decision Tool for TK/K-12 was created by the San Francisco Public Health agency and may be useful for looking at records of students who are missing doses of vaccines.  It can help determine if a student is up to date or a conditional admission, how many doses are needed, and when the next dose of vaccine is due.  Click here for a copy of the Conditional Entry Decision Tool

    Diabetes in School Settings - September 8, 2017

    School staff attendees will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of hypo- and hyper-glycemic students.  Training will include an overview of diabetes, the basic signs and symptoms of hypo- and hyper-glycemia, the assessment of non-emergency status and the appropriate response to diabetic situations.

    National Suicide Prevention Week – September 10-16, 2017

    The Marin County Office of Education, along with hundreds of other COE's and other prestigious groups, will support and acknowledge September 10-16, 2017 as Suicide Prevention Week and encourages participation in suicide prevention awareness activities as a commitment to healthy lives.

    Immunization Requirements 101 – September 20, 2017

    Review immunization required by age and grade, changes due to SB277 and about conditional admission/requirements for medical exemption documentation.

    Marin School Nurses Organization (MSNO)

    To supportcommunication and countywide services, the MCOE hosts monthly meetings for nurses across the county to come together and discuss pertinent topics and streamline health related services to students.  The MSNO meetings are facilitated and organized by a local school nurse.  Click here to view the draft meeting schedule for 2017-18.

    Homeless & Foster Youth Services

    The Marin County Office of Education Foster Youth Services Program facilitates interagency collaboration in an effort to ensure positive educational outcomes for foster youth in Marin County.

    Students experiencing homelessness have a right to enroll and attend school.  The Marin County Office of Education supports districts in ensuring that youth who have uncertain housing have full access to educational programs.