• LCAP & Accountability Series - LCAP Template Update - February 27, 2018

    Now is the time to register and take a refresher training on the LCAP Template.

    1. Technical Assistance:
    • The MCOE LCAP team will be available for technical assistance to districts.  These sessions were noted as being helpful and productive.  While we are providing a specific window for these sessions to occur, this does not preclude giving a shout out for any needs that may occur at other times throughout the year.  We are here when you need us. 
    • The technical assistance session window will run from February 26 – March 23.  Times for sessions will be arranged according the district schedule.

    1. Draft LCAP Review:
    • We will be able to review your draft LCAPs.  Please have them to us on or before May 1.  We will be arranging review sessions with districts between May 2nd through 15th. 

    1. DTS:
    • We are confirming with DTS that all LCAPs have been rolled forward and are ready for any editing on the annual update and to capture any stakeholder engagement you have going on right now.

    1. Template Changes:
    • We are waiting to hear if there are any confirmed changes to the template secondary to ESSA for your LCAPs this year.  We will keep you posted on what these changes will be and how they will impact the district.  We can address some of these at the technical assistance sessions as well.

    Below you will find a calendar for January – March from which to guide your district team and the work you are doing to keep your plans current.

    Please contact Laura Trahan at if you have any questions about this email or your LCAP process in general.  As always, we look forward to our working with you. 



    • Determine if there is a need for mid-year revisions to current LCAP based on mid-year progress report.
    • Make any necessary revisions to current LCAP based on any unanticipated budget changes.
    • Begin stakeholder meetings to share LCAP implementation and progress to date.
    • Contact county office to review any clarifications from the prior year LCAP that must be addressed in the Annual Update.
    • Review data collected to date for the prior year LCAP goals.
    • Review Governor’s proposed budget to assess potential impact on the district budget and LCAP priorities.
    • Review results of state audit and make any necessary changes to address LCAP related auditory findings.
    • Update SARC


    • Review data available to date for unduplicated pupil subgroups and other subgroups identified in the LCAP to assess progress in state priorities and effectiveness of strategies for those subgroups.
    • Continue stakeholder meetings focused on the Annual Update and progress in state priority areas.
    • Solicit input from school level staff and School Site Councils on their perception of the effectiveness of LCAP strategies implemented this year, particularly for unduplicated pupils
    • Meet with community groups representing unduplicated pupils to update them on LCAP implementation and progress in state priorities for unduplicated pupils and request their input.
    • File Consolidated Application (CARS)
    • Schedule Technical Assistance sessions with MCOE LCAP team (February 26 – March 23), 415-499-5870


    • Review Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) from school sites and meet with School Site Councils regarding proposed changes in the SPSA to ensure actions in LCAP are consistent with SPSAs.
    • Review SPSA board approval timeline to determine if it needs revision to align with LCAP development.
    • Review goals, actions/services and expenditures in LCAP in light of available data and begin drafting Annual Update and revised goals.
    • Review goals, actions and strategies from current LCAP and identify any that should be revised based upon new information, changing needs, changed demographics, stakeholder input of available data.
    • Schedule meetings with program and budget staff to draft proposed budget for 2018-2019.
    • Share draft LCAP goals with stakeholder groups; obtain input on goals, actions/services and expenditures.
    • Schedule Technical Assistance sessions with MCOE LCAP team (February 26 – March 23), 415-499-5870