• Immunization Schedule (2017) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    Comprehensive Sexuality and Puberty Education Training - Puberty Talk - March 8, 2018

    Join part two titled "Puberty Talk", of this two-part workshop series. The curricula for this talk has been recently updated to be even more inclusive of diverse identities.  Also added are new activities to engage more students with different learning styles. Workshop includes facilitator's guide and USB with all student and parent handouts.

    Angst - Breaking the Stigma Around Anxiety - Film Screening & Discussion - March 29, 2018

    The Marin County Office of Education in partnership with IndieFlix is presenting a screening of the film Angst - Thursday, March 29th at the Marin County Office of Education – 6:00pm (English and Spanish)

    Angst features anxiety experts, teens and adults sharing stories of anxiety, including students from Marin County.  The film answers many questions including:

    • What is the difference between being anxious and having an anxiety disorder?
    • What causes anxiety?
    • What can we do to feel better?

    Viewers of the film will leave feeling lighter and with a greater understanding about what we can do to recognize and manage anxiety.  Following the screening will be a discussion moderated by skilled mental health professionals from our community and the filmmaker, Karin Gornick, along with teens from the film. 

    Empowering students to be Leaders and Make Changes in Their Environment - Week of April 23, 2018

    Please see attached letter from Mary Jane Burke, Superintendent, and Dr. Matt Willis, Marin County Public Health Officer.  Rates of youth substance use in Marin County continue to be among the highest in California.  We are facing new challenges with the legalization of cannabis, the ongoing epidemic of prescription drug use, and historically high rates of alcohol use among our youth.  In order to bring awareness to these issues and empower youth to make positive choices, the Marin County Office of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the County-wide substance use prevention coalition, the Marin Prevention Network (MPN), are working together to bring Dr. Matt Bellace to Marin County the week of April 23rd for a series of presentations to students and the community.

    Concussion Smart Marin Coalition - Return to Learn/Return to Play Protocol

    The Concussion Smart Marin Coalition – a countywide group comprised of Marin Athletic Foundation, Marin County Athletic League, Kaiser, Marin General, and Sutter/Novato Hospitals, athletic trainers from high schools in Marin, Marin County Office of Education and the Schurig Center have been working toward approaching a standard level of care as it pertains to the way we understand and treat concussion in students. 

    Across the last year this has looked primarily at, in the educational environment - a consistent protocol used by all high schools in Marin; at the medical level - a consistent approach to understanding, diagnosing and providing follow up to concussions across all settings from ER to pediatrician.  This work has also included developing and implementing a system for collecting concussion data in a centralized location. 

    Attached please find the Marin County Schools Concussion protocol and process.  These forms follow the expectations for Ed Code 49475.  It is anticipated that we will begin moving these out to our schools in the month of March – Head Injury Awareness month – in meetings with high school principals and athletic directors.