• Last year, Districts adopted LCAPs with a fixed three year term for the first time. As a result, Districts are getting the opportunity to fine tune their plans, creating and reflecting the deep meaningful work that is going on in their schools.

    The MCOE LCAP Technical Assistance team has been meeting with districts since mid-March and will continue into April.  The purpose of these meetings has primarily been to check in with districts with regard to their stakeholder engagement and measurement of and reflection on current year actions in preparation for the Annual Update.

    LCAP Federal Addendum - Initial guidance from CDE on the LCAP Federal Addendum indicates Local educational agencies (LEAs) that apply for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) funds will be required to complete:

    • LCAP Federal Addendum Template  - submitted directly to the CDE – timeline for submission will be forthcoming from CDE.
    • Consolidated Application (ConApp) – submitted electronically in the CARS/ConApp process.
    • LCAP – submitted in June to Marin COE.


    LEAs will be required to complete and submit the Addendum for the 2018-19 school year. Program guidance is expected to be provided from the specific ESSA program offices and to be made available by mid-April. Training will follow the provision of program guidance.

    Trainings and information for districts on these requirements will be folded into the Technical Assistance sessions as well as upcoming ILT and DBO meetings.