Early Education

  •  Preschool Language Development Principles and Practices to Promote - May 2, 2018

    The final seminar in this three-part series will address:

    • Strengthen your understanding of Language Development in children 48-60 months
    • Build your toolkit of strategies to support Language Development
    • Connect classroom observations and plan curriculum

    Please call 415-499-5889 to register.

    Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile (KSEP) - Introduction to the 2018-2019 Marin County Implementation of KESP

    As you may remember, MCOE coordinated a pilot of the Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile during the Fall of 2017.  The pilot project, funded by Marin First 5, was successful in deeming the high usability of the tool.  Our recommendation to the First 5 Commission was to implement a larger roll out of the KSEP tool for the Fall of 2018.  This important opportunity will allow for the use of a single metric, one that is evidenced based and user friendly, implemented county wide that will provide us with data on our incoming Kindergarten students.  We currently have the capacity for 80 Kindergarten teachers to participate and receive a stipend and our recruitment will begin this week.  There will be an informational meeting here at MCOE on May 29th and 30th and a formal training in either June or August.