• LCAP Every Student Succeeds Act Federal Addendum Template

    CDE Accountability Updates

    Federal Addendum:  (Title I, II, III & IV)

    In order to access ESSA funding, districts must do the following:

    1.       File Consolidated Application and Report System report (CARS)

    2.      Complete LCAP - submitted to COE following both public hearing as well as board approval

    3.      Complete Federal Addendum by August 15 and submit to CDE Dashboard:

    College and Career Indicator      

    • Beginning with the 2018 Dashboard, the most recent four-year graduation rate will be included (i.e., Class of 2018)
    • The following will be included in the CCE for the first time in 2018 (based on the Class of 2017:
      • Articulated Career Technical Education Courses
      • State Seal of Biliteracy
      • Golden State Seal Merit Diploma

    Dashboard Alternative Schools Status (DASS       

    • All eligible DASS Schools will receive a Dashboard Report - fall 2018
    • DASS schools will be evaluated on the same state indicators as other schools, using alternate methodologies as appropriate.
    • Fall, 2018 - LEAs will be held responsible for the performance of their DASS schools in the LEA Dashboard report
    • Final decisions about the methodology for each indicator will be brought to the SBE in September, 2018

    Graduation Rate Indicator           

    • Change will be calculated in the same way as all other state indicators (current year minus prior year)
      • no longer using a three-year average

    Safety Net Methodology for Student Groups      

    • Only applied at the school level for the graduation rate and suspension rate indicator and only for schools with fewer that 150 students enrolled.
    • CDE recommending that the same methodology be applied to small student groups - not yet approved.

    English Learner Progress Indicator           

    • CELDT results no longer included in the ELPI.
    • The next ELPI will use the ELPAC summative from the spring 2018 administration.
    • The release of the ELPI will be delayed until April, 2019

    Participation Rates         

    • ESSA requires states to report and factor a 95% participation rate into the accountability systems
      • Four icons will be displayed to distinguish when:
        • Both the school and each student group met the 95% requirement
        • The school met the 95% participation rate, but at least one student group did not meet the rate.
        • The schoolwide participation rate is at least 85%, but less than 95%
        • The schoolwide participation rate is below 85%

    Automatic Assignment of Red Performance Level             

    • Suspension Rate Indicator - failure to certify this data in CALPADS in the current or prior year.
    • ELPI - LEAs and schools that did not test at least 50% of their EL population on the CELDT in grades 3-8 and 11, are assigned ORANGE performance levels.
    • CDE recommending that failure to certify suspension and chronic absence data or to test at least 50% of the EL population in mathematics will result in an automatic assignment of RED performance level.

    Self-Reflection Tools      

    • Priority 6 - Student Engagement
      • Entered directly into the Dashboard by Dashboard Coordinator
      • Narrative of the local administration and analysis of a local climate survey that captures a valid measure of:
      • Student perceptions of school safety and connectedness in at least one grade with the grade span.


    • Priority 7 - Access to a Broad Course of Study
      • Entered directly into Dashboard by Dashboard Coordinator
      • LEAs provide a narrative summary of the extent to which all students have access to and are enrolled in a broad course of study (four prompts to respond to)