• LCAP Reviews

    The Marin County Office of Education LCAP Review Team continues its work  on the review and approval process of district LCAPs.  The review process has been completed and we have already contacted those districts regarding follow up clarification related to your LCAPs.  Final approval is targeted by September 15th to coincide with the Budget Approval date.  The final date for county offices to approve district LCAPs is October 8th. 

    Gobo LCAP Infographic

    The Gobo LCAP Infographic is a visual tool that helps clarify the California LCAP process and effectively communicate LCAP goals and progress to stakeholders. It also helps set community expectations, encourage stakeholder engagement and support, and makes it easy to share the good work our schools do.  The Gobo LCAP Infographic takes a lot of dry and complex information and uniquely distills it down to something inviting and easy to understand. It even helps overcome language barriers of English Language Learners and their families.  The county office worked with Gobo LCAP Infographic last year in coordinating the district requests for infographics.  If your district is interested in a 2016-17 LCAP Infographic, please contact Paris Lugo at (888) 938-7779 x711 or at Below you will find additional resource.



    New Accountability System

    The article linked here captures the impact of the shift from API to the state's new accountability system.  In 2014, California’s State Board of Education put the brakes on calculating API while the state switched over to new standardized tests aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Those new Smarter Balanced tests, which students took for the second time this past spring, will be just one factor in the new school grading system being created to replace the API score.  This week the SBE is set to adopt the evaluation rubrics, that will include the identification of some of the multiple measures that will make up the new accountability system. 

    The SBE is set to vote on what factors will be included in the initial assessment at this week's September meeting. The board also is expected to vote on what those reports will look like at a meeting in early 2017. If all goes according to plan, the successor to the API will debut in fall 2017 and will include data from the 2016-17 school year.


    For more information, click here to view the SBE agenda item related to the new accountability system.

    Also, SSC has recently posted an article on this week's SBE agenda item.