• LCAP Template & Evaluation Rubrics Update

    As you may be aware, the SBE has released its latest draft of the 2017-20 LCAP Template.  The SBE's complete memo outlines the changes to the new template. The CCEE will be hosting additional trainings throughout the state on the new LCAP template once the template is adopted by the SBE in November.  Marin COE will provide Marin-led training dates for Marin districts within the next few weeks.  


    Local Control & Continuous Improvement Workshops

    The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) will be hosting a series of workshops primarily focused on continuous improvement and how to help attendees interpret, understand, and use the new LCFF Evaluation Rubrics as a tool to support such improvement for all students. Click here for CDE's complete memo around Proposed Percentile Cut Scores for State Indicators.


    Below is a sample dashboard for Suspension Rates that demonstrates how parents and the community will view a district's scores across multiple measures (found on Page 12 of the above referenced SBE August 25th Memorandum):

    Image of a sample dashboard for Suspension Rates that demonstrates how parents and the community will view a district's score

    The workshops below will also touch on changes to the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).  The workshops are open to ALL audiences - parents/guardians, students, community members, and other local stakeholders as well as superintendents, board members, principals, teachers, and classified staff.  The workshops are designed for teams coming from the same county office of education, school district, charter school, or other education-focused organization. However, individuals not part of a team are more than welcome and encouraged to attend as well.   The workshops are free.


    Because the LCFF Evaluation Rubrics will include a dashboard designed for use by the public, and which replaces the State's API ranking system, we encourage districts to participate in these trainings. 

    See below for a list of dates or click here to go to the CCEE Website.



    Gobo LCAP Infographic

    The Gobo LCAP Infographic is a visual tool that helps clarify the California LCAP process and provides another way of communicating LCAP goals and progress to stakeholders. The county office worked with Gobo LCAP Infographic last year in coordinating the district requests for infographics.  If your district is interested in a 2016-17 LCAP Infographic, please contact Paris Lugo at (888) 938-7779 x711 or at you will find additional resource.