Special Education/SELPA

  • The ABCs of AT (Assistive Technology): October 10, 2016 

    This training will outline what AT is and provide practical solutions to assist the IEP team with determing the AT needs of students. Information will be shared regarding the Technology Resource Center (TRC) including AT resources, tools and strategies. This workshop is appropriate for general education teachers, special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, administrators and parents.

    Session 3: A Compliant IEP - Part 1: October 11, 2016 or October 13, 2016

    In this 1.5 hour workshop, we will review the building blocks for writing IEPs that are compliant with laws and regulations.   Participants will learn: how to perpare for a positive and productive IEP Team meeting, how to determine appropriate accomodations/modifications, and the 7 considerations for determining if goals are measurable, effective and legally compliant.

    Special Circumstance Assistant (SCA) Training: 4 Part Training Focusing on Special Circumstance Assistant (SCA)

    “Does the student need a 1:1?”

    “Well, would they benefit from a SCA assessment?”

    • Part 1: 10/12/16 from 3:30-5:30 pm

    • Part 2: 12/14/16 from 3:30-5:30 pm

    • Part 3: 3/1/17 from 3:30-5:30 pm

    • Part 4: 4/26/17 from 3:30-5:30 pm

    Part I:

    Part I will include a review of the materials utilized for the SCA assessment, a task analysis that displays how to organize and schedule out the SCA assessment process as well as what to look for during observations.  There will also be a review of Ethical Considerations related to the SCA assessment followed by a brief clinical question and answer session related to the SCA assessment.

    Part II:

    A more in depth review of the SCA as it relates to behavioral needs will be undertaken.  Review of Positive Programming Procedures, a focus on Functional Behavior Assessment methodology, Behavior Intervention Plan analysis and procedural fidelity.  Additionally Ethical Considerations related to behavior needs will be outlined as well as a brief clinical question and answer session related to these materials and as report examples

    Part III:

    How to utilize the SCA Rubric scores from the initial meeting as well as reviewing areas of need as outlined by IEP analysis.  Ethical Considerations in regards to the assessment process will be outlined and a brief clinical question and answer session related to these materials as well as whole group practice in scoring SCA Rubrics and analysis.

    Part IV:

    Analysis of materials and report writing, creating quality assurance measures, fade plans/criteria, and staff training plan.  Review of Ethical Considerations related to implementation.  Lastly a clinical question and answer session related to the SCA assessment process that utilizes specific examples from the participants from the initial training session through the conclusion. 


    The Show, Tell, Guide Methodology will be utilized.  This will provide participants the opportunity to be shown report templates, samples of completed reports, and classroom supports will be provided.

    Presented by:

    Andrew Weiher, MA, BCBA

    Behavioral Health Specialist

    Novato Unified School District