“The heart of anti-bias work is a vision of a world in which all children are able to blossom, and each child’s particular abilities and gifts are able to flourish”.           Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves, pg. 2


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    Saturday, September 21, 2019   8:30am-3:30pm   Trauma Informed Practices in ECE: Trauma 100

    Facilitated by Julie Kurtz, MFT, this overview of Trauma creates an essential foundation for participants by exploring the neurobiology of traumatic stress and identifying concrete relationship-based strategies to support healing and build resilience in young children.

    Saturday, October 12, 2019
        8:30am-3:30pm  Trauma Informed Practices in ECE: Compassion, Fatigue & Self-Care & Practical Strategies

    Facilitated by Julie Kurtz, MFT, Self-Care for early childhood providers is essential to prevent burnout and increase awareness through self-reflective activites. This module will take participants on a journey to the center of ''YOU'' in a thoughtful and reflective training designed to build self-awareness and self-care practices that last a lifetime.

    Saturday, November 9, 2019   8:30am-12:30pm   Anti-Bias Education: Living in a Diverse Society

    The focus of this session will be to introduce attendees to the basic concepts of anti-bias education, and then to delve into goal #1, which is a focus on children’s identity. There will be a focus on participants learning how to support positive identity development in children. Attendees will also be assigned a “child” that they will use as a focus of their work throughout the workshop series. Facilitators, Nadiyah Taylor, MA and Tarah Fleming, MA. 

    Saturday, February 1, 2020   8:30am-12:30pm    Anti-Bias Education: Living in a Diverse Society

    This workshop will go in depth on the second goal of anti-bias education, which is focused on helping children learn about other people. Participants will check in on their homework from the last session, learn about cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation and how to support children learning about “the other.” Activities will include the “child” assigned in session one. Facilitators, Nadiyah Taylor, MA and Tarah Fleming, MA. 

    Saturday, March 21, 2020    8:30am-12:30pm    Anti-Bias Education: Living in a Diverse Society/Abilities

    This workshop will focus on ABE goal #3 related to unfairness in relationships and in society. Participants will look deeper at the “isms,” learn how to recognize them and understand the powerful impact they have. Attendees will check in on their homework from the last session, develop skills to cultivate fairness and friendship in children’s relationships and identify tools for creating welcoming environments for families. Activities will include the “child” assigned in session one.  Facilitators, Nadiyah Taylor, MA and Tarah Fleming, MA. 

    Saturday, April 18, 2020    8:30am-12:30pm     Anti-Bias Education: Living in a Diverse Society

    This last session will culminate in addressing the 4th goal of ABE which is about allied behavior and being a changemaker. Participants will develop skills to identify and cultivate allied behaviors in children and within their classrooms. Since this is the last session, attendees will assess their classrooms using the assessment tool in the ABE book, as well as set goals for themselves for continuing their work in equity education.   Facilitators, Nadiyah Taylor, MA and Tarah Fleming, MA. 

    Location: Marin County Office of Education

    Facilitator Biographies:

    Nadiyah Taylor, MA, has been a professional within the early care an education field since 1994.  She has worked in a variety of roles including preschool teacher, parent educator, and diversity consultant.  She is currently the Chair of the Early Care and Education Department at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA.  Nadiyah eared her master's degree in Human Development with a specialization in Bi-Cultural Development, from Pacific Oaks College.  Her thesis, The Motivation of Anti-Bias Educators, focused on teachers who use the principles of anti-bias education in their classrooms.  She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Macalester College, along with her Minnesota Preschool Teaching License.  She was an adjunct faculty member at Pacific Oaks College for 3 years, teaching core classes in diversity and equity, and taught at Merritt College in Oakland for 2 years.   Her consulting work, The Ripple Effect, focuses on the continuing need for inclusion of anti-bias principles in early childhood settings and in childrearing.  Educational equity and social justice are key themes of her work. Nadiyah was also a contributor to the Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves, Louise Derman-Sparks & Julie Olsen Edwards  In addition she was a contributor to From Teaching to Thinking by Margie Carter and Ann Pelo {From Teaching to Thinking | ChildCareExchange}, as well as a co-author on the article Stepping into a New Space, a New Role; a Conversation Between Margie Carter and Nadiyah Taylor

    Tarah Fleming, MA,
     is a long-time educator, keynote speaker and lead facilitator on topics of inclusive education, equity literacy, early childhood anti-bias education and the dynamics of power and privilege. She earned her Master’s degree from the University of San Francisco in International and Multicultural Education and has over 30 years of national and international experience working with teachers and child serving professionals. For the last decade Tarah was the Education Director at Our Family Coalition (OFC) working with LGBTQ families, and formerly, the Co-Director for iPride; an organization dedicated to mixed heritage and multiethnic families. In 2003, she co-founded the high school student component for the White Privilege Conference (WPC) now called the Youth Action Project (YAP) which remains as one of the premiere action-oriented national conversations. Currently, through her consulting practice, Start Dialog, Tarah offers on site coaching for early childhood educators and directors and facilitates Anti-Bias Education workshops for preschool staff and leadership throughout the Bay Area.

    Julie Kurtz, MFT
    , is an author, coach and trainer and travels around the country speaking on social-emotional and trauma healing topics.  She is co-authoor of Trauma-Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators;  Relationship-Based Approaches that Support Healing and Build Resilience in Young Children.  She is currently writing her second book in the trauma related series on the importance of Self-Care for Educators.  Click here to see more about Julie Kurtz.


  • Guidelines Anti-Bias and Trauma Informed Practices

    *Application for participation is available on our website.


    • Participants are employed in Preschool, Early Intervention, Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or First grade.
    • Classroom teams include all teaching staff or volunteers who work in the classroom. This includes lead teachers, teachers, associate teachers, aides, site assistants and paraeducators.
    • Classroom teams attend and commit to Saturdays. It is recommended that all team members attend the same training sessions.


    • Participants are eligible for stipends per the terms of the Participation Application and Agreement, as well as the approved Anti-Bias Education Stipend Application.