• Site Leaders have opportunities to explore practices and beliefs; and to share knowledge and skills to support implementation of best practices. In addition to the leadership components of the Anti-Bias in ECE, Trauma Informed Practices and CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid Framework, the ECE Department also provides leadership workshops on specific areas of interest.  In 2019-2020 the Leadership Development workshops are designed as a series and support all staff workshops.  Participation in the Leadership Development series is required of program leaders applying for a leadership stipend.


  • Leadership Development Series - Fridays 9:00am - 2:00pm   

    Text Provided:  Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs - A Guide For Change - Louise Derman-Sparks, Debbie LeeKeenan, John Nimmo

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    October 18, 2019        

    What is Anti-Bias Education and Why Identity Matters? A Leadership Framework

    Directors will explore their own identities and areas of growth, setting goals for themselves to deepen their ability to lead ABE work. Based on the book, Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs, a dialog on supporting staff with challenging behaviors and positive practices to manage differences at the staff level, will guide the interactive, role play activities.

    Homework:  Chapters 1 & 7,   Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs: A Guide for Change

    November 8, 2019  SPECIAL LOCATION - Click here for directions to Pt. Reyes, Red Barn.

    What do we need to know about each other? How do differences impact our classroom? A Leadership Lens

    Directors will focus on how stereotypes and cultural appropriation show up in their centers and how to lead effective conversations supporting staff to recognize and disrupt the negative impact implicit bias has on children, families and team members. Directors will share with each other success stories and useful resources to create curriculum and classroom materials that uplift differences making everyone visible.

    Homework:  Chapter 4,  Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs: A Guide for Change

    January 31, 2020 

    Recognizing unfairness in the classroom: A Leadership Reflection, Nadiyah Taylor & Tarah Fleming

    Directors will reflect on power and privilege from the standpoint of being a leader and work to understand how different identity markers play into the dynamics of management. Families will be the focus for this workshop as directors brainstorm how to make systems and policies more equitable and inclusive for the communities they serve. 

    Homework:  Chapter 5 & 10,   Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs: A Guide for Change


    March 20, 2020 

    Cultivating allied behavior in ourselves and young children: A Leadership Commitment, Nadiyah Taylor and Tarah Fleming

    A focused dialog on how to cultivate allied behavior in young children and ourselves will give directors an opportunity to practice responding to bias when it occurs in the classroom. Directors will have an opportunity to revisit their mission statements and the assessment conducted in the session with staff, as well as assess their personal progress toward the goals set in session one. 


    April 17, 2020

    Leadership and Reflective Supervision - Trauma Informed Practices, Nadiyah Taylor & Tarah Fleming

    Module 500 is designed to support leaders implementing trauma informed strategies so they may successfully build provider resilience and prevent both burnout and compassion fatigue.


    May 15, 2020

    Supporting Inclusive Practices in Early Care and Education, Lisa Kaplan Shaanan, MS OTR/L TMHP

    Recognizing that best practices are inclusive practices, and building on the Spring Early Learning Summit, "The Gifts They Bring", this workshop is intended to support Early Care and Education Leaders to provide high quality Inclusive Early Learning and Care.