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  • Marin Civil Grand Jury - Understanding the Financial Health of Marin County Local Public Agencies

    Some of you have received two requests from the Grand Jury related to the financial health (Request #1) of your district and information on Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEBs) (Request #2).  In an effort to provide guidance on these requests, members of our Business Team will discuss the requests and provide guidance and next steps for a response at the November 2nd Superintendent's Day Meeting.


    Request #1, Financial Health (Responses due by November 18th)


    Request #2, OPEBs (Responses due by November 30th)

    This request is similar to the Grand Jury's request from 2013.  Our office is in the process of producing guidance for the latest OPEB request and we will send this out to district superintendents and DBO's within the next week or sooner.