Safe Schools

  • Safe Schools - Zero Tollerance Policy

    On June 20, 2016, 33 Marin youths were prevented from embarking on what might have been a very dangerous ride in a party bus. You will recall that the Central Marin Police discovered large amounts of alcohol and drugs on that bus. Click here for more details regarding the incident.

    The Sheriff's Department and the MCOE Superintendent's Office submitted an opinion piece to the Marin Independent Journal  emphasizing the importance of our zero tolerance policy for misuse of drugs and alcohol by minors, and the importance of parent supervision! Many of you gave your time for a meeting to discuss our shared concerns about community norms around drug and alcohol use among our families.

    One critical element of our recommendations following these events is that party buses and limousines should not be allowed for unchaperoned underage youth under any circumstances.  We also believe that our schools need to take the lead on sending this message by not allowing these buses/limousines for school related functions.  Our local community coalitions have been working on strategies to ensure that parents/families understand the importance of this change; and that youth are involved in creating safer, fun and affordable alternatives.  The community coalitions are strong partners for schools in ensuring the safety of our children. We encourage your team to connect with local coalition leaders at the Marin Prevention Network to help with the planning around proms and graduations so that none of our schools have to struggle with the issue of a party bus full of intoxicated kids.  Also, please do not hesitate to contact MCOE Director Lisa Schwartz at (415)499-5804 if you would like more information on these efforts.

    PluckyWize Teacher Training - February 2nd and 16th, 2017

    Using PluckyWize® materials, lesson plans, techniques, and strategies developed by specialist, Robin O'Heeron, Ph.D., learn how to help your students hike the trails of PluckyWize to:

    • Develop problem-solving skills
    • Reduce reactivity and increase self control
    • Develop mindfulness
    • Identify their goals, feelings, emotions, reactions
    • Reduce their anxiety and fear
    • Increase their personal responsibility in the classroom

    PBIS Providing Equity and Access for All - February 16, 2017

    Please refer to the attached flyer for registration and information pertaining to session three of this four-session workshop. This is a team training that will walk school teams through the process of developing and implementing a universal system of School Wide PBIS.

    Trauma-Informed Systems - March 13, 2017

    This workshop is designed to help us better understand, respond to, and heal the impact of trauma in our schools and learn to apply principles of trauma-informed systems to ourselves and workplace relationships. Please refer to the attached flyer for registration and additional information.

    PBIS Coaches Training 2016-2017 - March 15, 2017

    Please refer to the attached flyer for registration and information pertaining to session three of this three-session workshop. The goal of this training strand is to build local capacity within districts to provide continuing coaching support and district leadership to support schools.