• Draft LCAP Review

    As in past years, Marin COE is offering to review your draft LCAP prior to the districts public hearing.   Sessions will be held at MCOE April 17, 2017 to assure you have the necessary time to incorporate identified recommendations. We encourage you to set up an appointment with our team.

    California School Dashboard - An Integrated Accountability System

    Rather than developing two accountability systems––one that meets state requirements (LCFF) and another that meets federal requirements (ESSA)––a new integrated local, state, and federal accountability and continuous improvement system founded on the LCFF priority areas and also aligned to ESSA requirements has been developed.


    This new system, based on multiple measures, will use the California School Dashboard (hereafter referred to as the Dashboard), which includes state and local performance standards for all LCFF priorities, to report progress. These performance standards will be used to support LEAs in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement; to assist in determining whether LEAs are eligible for assistance; and to assist the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in determining whether LEAs are eligible for more intensive state support/intervention. 


    See below for further details on the components of the new accountability system.


Image of the California School Dashboard - Page1
Image of the California School Dashboard - Page 2