Foster Youth

  • Foster Youth Services

    Nearly all districts have signed on to the Foster Focus Interagency Agreement.  We are continuing outreach to districts to solicit participation in the agreement, which will allow access to Foster Focus, the web-based system that allows for interagency sharing of foster youth data. 

    Foster Youth Legislation

    On May 3, 2016 the Marin County Office of Education will be hosting a training, presented by the CA Department of Education on current foster youth legislation, for Foster Youth Liaisons in Marin.  This legislation, specifically AB-854, which was passed in October 2015, has provided a new funding source for counties to use in a supportive role by establishing a Foster Youth Services Coordinating (FYSC) Program.  This program will work to identify foster youth in each district and to help support our schools and districts to improve the educational outcomes of this population.  The FYSC Program will also help coordinate services for districts and connect connections to other local social service providers and post-secondary education institutions.  For our meeting on 5/3/16, Lisa Guillen, the Coordinated Student Support Division if the CDE, will be with us to speak about how AB854 and the FYSC Program can be utilized in our county and to discuss best practices for working collaboratively with schools, districts, post-secondary institutions and local service providers.