Health and Wellness

  • A Guide for County Fairs, Festivals and other Events

    was developed by the Healthy Marin Partnership, the Marin County Fair and community organizations to help create healthy events.  The guide was based on the experience of the Marin County Fair.   This Guide can be used as a tool for community organizations and schools looking for new and innovative ways to impact the health of a community. More information about the Marin Healthy Partnership and Play Fair can be found on the Healthy Marin Partnership Website.

    Hands-On CPR Training, May 17, 2016

    Come learn a "hands-on" approach to CPR.  This opportunity is brought to MCOE by the San Rafael Fire Department.  For more information or to register, please call 415-499-5870.

    Vaccine-Decision Making Survey

    Marin Health & Human Services and MCOE collaborated on a Vaccine-Decision Making Survey that was distributed to kindergarten parents at Marin schools this past winter. The survey responses enable us to better understand vaccination beliefs in our local community.

    Senate Bill 277 - Immunization Requirements

    In response to confusion among some school districts, California's departments of public health and education have updated the explanation of the state's new immunization law to clarify that unvaccinated special needs kids must receive all of the services required by their Individualized Education Programs. Please refer to Shots For School website for more information.

    Conditional Entry Decision Tool for TK/K-12

    The Conditional Entry Decision Tool for TK/K-12 was created by the San Francisco Public Health agency and may be useful for looking at records of students who are missing doses of vaccines.  It can help determine if a student is up to date or a conditional admission, how many doses are needed, and when the next dose of vaccine is due.

    Marin School Nurses Organization (MKSNO)

    Marin School Nurses Organization meets monthly at MCOE to discuss current student health needs and legislation.