• Joint Legislative Advisory Committee (JLAC) Meeting, May 11, 2016

    Two senior members from the California Collaborative for Education Excellent (CCEE) will speak to the Committee.  The CCEE is currently doing outreach across the state to discuss their work and to make counties aware of the resources and support they can provide to school districts as they work to achieve their LCAP goals.   All trustees, superintendents and JLAC Committee members are invited.  The meeting will be held in the Foundation Room at the Marin County Office of Education from 8:30 am to 9:45 am.  Please RSVP to Ken Lippi if you are interested in attending.  

    Senate Budget Subcommittee #1 Education

    On April 21, 2016, the Senate Budget Subcommittee #1 held a hearing to focus on the Local Control Accountability Plan accountability.  Two panels presented information related to the subject including one panel represented by Marin COE Assistant Superintendent Raquel Rose, and Orange CDE Assistant Superintendent Nina Boyd who presented on county office oversight of the LCAP.

    Overview of the Governor's May Revision to the 2016-17 State Budget

    Jeff Frost has provided an Overview of the 2016-17 May Revision of the Governor's Budget with a note saying, "On the whole, this is a very good budget for K-12 education given that the state's economy has definitely slowed.  The May Revision maintains the programmatic efforts the Governor championed in January and also adds additional funding to LCFF Gap Closure.  It is a budget that LEAs should strongly support." 

    Summary of the Governor's Revised Early Education Block Grant

    Jeff Frost has provided a Summary of the Governor's Revised Early Education Block Grant with a note saying, "We will continue to stay in communication with you on this proposal because the Governor is attempting to eliminate the transitional kindergarten entitlement which is becoming a more important component of school district LCAP strategies.  We will need to strongly urge all legislators to vote no on this Early Education  proposal because of its elimination of TK."