Direct District Hire - Emergency 30 Day Permit Application

  • For applicants who have been told by a district you are a direct hire, meaning you do not need to complete the countywide substitute registration packet, but need assistance with the Emergency 30 Day Permit application, please see below:

    1. Complete the Application Recommendation Form. 
    2. Provide official transcripts. Please review this page regarding acceptable transcript formats.
    3. Provide the basic skills information. There are eight basic skills options. For more information, review this leaflet. 
      1. This requirement is waived from January 1, 2023 until June 30, 2024. If you have met the basic skills requirement, it is recommended to submit this information with the application.
    4. Complete the Commission on Teacher Credentialing's live scan form (A0281), if not already completed.
      1. Live scanning for a district does not meet this requirement.
    5. Create your Commission on Teacher Credentialing profile.
      1. Instructions are available on our Resources webpage.


    There are three options for delivering the above documents:

    • Mail: P.O. Box 4925, San Rafael, 94913 (Please include "Attn: Amy Ridings" or Attn: Credentials Analyst" on the envelope).
    • In-person delivery: Monday - Friday from 7:30a.m. - 4:30p.m. at 1111 Las Gallinas Ave., San Rafael. There is a locked inbox outside my office door.
    • Attend a substitute meeting (see information below).