Cross Country Championship 2022-23

  • The Marin County Middle School/Junior High School Cross Country Championship was founded in October, 1971 by the Marin Country Schools Coach and Administrator, Don Meroff.  Each year between 400 and 500 students from every middle and junior high school in Marin County run in the championship meet held at various locations.

    The course length varies from year to year with the length established collaboratively by all participating coaches.  All participants who compete in the race receive a ribbon. The top ten runners receive a medal. All competitors will run by grade level and gender.

    Please contact the Physical Education Teacher at your school to find out how to participate on your Cross Country team, and to get information about regional meets.

  • Middle School Cross Country Coaches' Meeting: September 15th, 2022

    Location: Marin County Office of Education - Zoom

    Time: 3:30 p.m.


    Middle School Cross Country Championship Meet: October 28, 2022

    Location: San Geronimo (nature preserve)

    5800 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Geronimo, CA, 94963

    Start time: 4 pm

    Fee: $20.00 per runner

            $200.00 per school (ten or more runners)


    Race Schedule:

    6th-grade boys: 4:00 pm  

    6th-grade girls:  4:20 pm

    7th-grade boys: 4:40 pm 

    7th-grade girls: 5:00 pm

    8th-grade boys: 5:20 pm

    8th-grade girls: 5:40 pm

    *NOTE: Regional meets are coordinated through schools. Please contact school coach for information.


    2022-2023 Championship Meet Course Map - San Geronimo (nature preserve)

    The course length is 1.6 miles.   

    Cross Country Championship course map


    Congratulations to each student who participated in the 2022 Championship Meet!


    More than 300 student runners, representing twenty-one schools, participated in this year's race.