Emergency Supplies

  • ​The School Emergency Supplies listing is from Appendix G of the Marin Schools Model Emergency Management Plan. These are suggested basic supplies, separated into functions as part of an overall emergency plan.

    There is no definitive list of emergency supplies. Information provided here is the recommended minimum type and quantities. Schools should review and adjust the lists for their individual needs, i.e., location, number and age of students, etc.  A sampling of shelf life of foods for emergency storage published by FEMA is also included. 

    School Bus/Automobile

    • School Bus/Automobile
    • First Aid (immediate) Kit


    • Classroom​ Backpack
    • Classroom Lockdown Kit


    • Incident Command Center Box
    • Student Release File Box
    • School Shelter Supplies

    First Aid

    • Medical Area Supplies
    • Emergency Medical Documentation
    • Recommended Generic Medications

    Search and Rescue 

    • Light Search and Rescue
    • First Aid/Trauma Kits
    • Building Safety/Damage Assessment
    • Traffic/Crowd Control