Nutrition Education

  • School wellness policies are required to set district goals for nutrition education and other school-based activities that promote student wellness. High quality nutrition instruction is an important component of a district's health education program. Effective nutrition education involves planned, sequential, skill-based activities that support positive health attitudes and behaviors, and includes opportunities for parent involvement, youth engagement, and cafeteria connections. The following links provide important resources to support high quality nutrition education in schools.


    Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools (K-12)

    Educators are encouraged to utilize these standards when developing and choosing instructional strategies for nutrition education. These standards provide guidance on the essential skills and knowledge that students should have at each grade level to ensure high quality instruction. 

    Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools - Kindergarten -Grade Twelve

    Staff Development - Nutrition Education Trainings                                                              

    Network for a Healthy CA Approved Nutrition Education Curriculum and Lessons 

    The Network for a Healthy CA Regional Nutrition Education Consultants in collaboration with the CA Healthy Kids Resource Center developed these guidelines and lists of recommended and supplemental nutrition and physical activity materials for effective nutrition education. 


    California Healthy Kids Resource Center Health Lending Library        

    CA Healthy Kids Resource Center in Collaboration with the CA Dept. of Education and the CA Dept. of Public Health provides a Health Education Lending Library of professionally reviewed K - 12 health education lessons and curricula for CA schools.

    Guided Tutorial for finding Nutrition Education Materials