Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

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    The Marin Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is committed to leadership in developing and providing quality vocational education programs for Marin County High School students. ROP closely collaborates with industry and businesses in program design; teaches, reinforces, and enriches core academic curricula; prepares students for gainful employment; provides real-world applications of skills that will connect students' present activities and future lives; and prepares students to meet the needs and expectations of employers today and in the future. The ROP also coordinates efforts, programs, and resources to help implement and support the Marin County School to Career Partnership. 



    The Regional Occupational Program offers a wide variety of career classes for high school students and adults in the county. These classes are intended for anyone seeking a new career, a career focus, or upgrading of current skills. 

    There are 15 identified Career Technology Education (CTE) industry sectors in California.

    CTE currently offers training based upon current and future labor market demands and programs are focused on those career sectors where there is proven local industry demand and sufficient student interest and need.

    Marin County ROP provides courses in the following Pathways: 

    • Arts, Media, & Entertainment
    • Building & Construction Trades
    • Business & Finance
    • Education, Child Development, & Family Services
    • Health Science & Medical Technology
    • Information & Communication Technologies
    • Transportation

    CA CTE Industry Sectors

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