Phoenix Academy Charter School

  • Phoenix Academy provides a safe educational environment where chemically dependent students can develop a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, make significant academic progress, identify and address emotional issues, and make sound career and vocational decisions in a highly structured and closely supervised setting. Instruction is provided in a variety of forms, from completely individualized to small groups, from project-based to whole group, depending upon the needs of the students. Referrals to Phoenix Academy are made by school districts, the Probation Department, parents, therapists, and by the students themselves in Marin County. After referral, students and parents are interviewed as part of the intake process. Students whose needs can be addressed by Phoenix Academy are then asked to sign a contract committing to the program.
    Our Mission Statement: To provide, for adolescents who have abused alcohol and/or other drugs, an innovative academic and treatment environment in partnership with their families and the community in order to support their ability to make a long-term commitment to sobriety and be a contributing member of society.
    Phoenix Academy is Marin County’s first Charter School, established by the Marin County Office of Education in 1995. The Marin County Office of Education operates the program, in partnership with Bay Area Community Resources. Phoenix Academy is designed to offer alternative educational services to students with, or at high risk for, chemical dependency problems. The program addresses academic achievement, appropriate behavior in the academic setting, commitment to recovery, continued sobriety, relapse intervention, family intervention and vocational education. 
    The primary goal of Phoenix Academy is to provide a safe and sober atmosphere for students who have experienced problems with drugs and alcohol. The program provides intensive therapeutic services to help youngsters in recovery from chemical dependency. In addition, Phoenix Academy provides a challenging, comprehensive curriculum taught by qualified and experienced teachers.
    SARC - Phoenix Academy Charter School

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    For more information contact:
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