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    AB 2449 Amends Law for Elected School Official Board Members

    Approved in July by Governor Jerry Brown, Assembly Bill (AB) 2449 (Chapter 146/2018) amended existing law by changing the terms of office of an elected board member of a school district governing board, county board of education or community college district governing board.

    The bill, which goes into effect on January 1, 2019, will require the terms of office of school districts, county office of education, and community college district governing board members to start on the second Friday in December.  For county board of education members elected at the time of a primary election, they are to take office on the first day of July.  Additionally, AB 2449 changes the date of county board of education organizational meetings to occur on or after the second Friday in December, or on or after the first day of July, depending on commencement of the board member's terms of office.

    School districts, county boards of education, and community college districts should be reminded of the new dates for board member terms and holding organizational meetings, which become effective January 1, 2019.


    CDE - Annual Adjustment to Bid Threshold for Contracts Awarded by School Districts