California Dashboard

  • The new Dashboard is now available!

    The California Department of Education launched its new and improved Dashboard with is designed to be more parent friendly.

    California School Dashboard Accountability System

    California’s accountability system, known as the California School Dashboard, provides information about how schools and school districts throughout the state are meeting the needs of California’s diverse student population. The various reports in the Dashboard provide information about the performance of our schools and districts, including county offices of education. The new accountability system facilitates greater understanding for schools and districts as to what is and/or is not working.  At the same time, the Dashboard provides the community with a more detailed look at student performance as it relates to academics, school climate and other local measures.


    California Department of Education

    2022 Dashboard Communications Toolkit

    Marin County Office of Education

    Under this accountability system, county offices of education serve as resources, providing support to local school districts and helping them address deficiencies. The Marin County Office of Education has consistently provided a robust level of support to our districts and community.  As a part of the new accountability system, we have the opportunity to broaden our role even further by providing customized assistance to local districts, including:

    • Needs assessments, data analysis, and determination of root causes of challenges; understanding the problem and the systems that may be producing it
    • Increased partnership with districts to support deeper planning
    • Monitoring implementation of planned actions


    The Dashboard is an exciting step in the improved accountability cycle.  It provides a deeper, more transparent look into our school, districts and student learning.  It goes beyond the academics and gets closer to looking at all that goes into educating students. 

    For assistance in interpreting Dashboard data or the accountability system, please contact Laura Trahan, Director, Education Services: or 415-499-5870