Systems of Support

  • California’s systems of support is one of the central components of the California Accountability and Continuous Improvement System.  The goal of the system of support is to help local educational agencies (LEASs) and their schools meet the need of each student they serve, with a focus on building local capacity to sustain improvement and to effectively address disparities in opportunities and outcomes.

    The characteristics within California’s system of support are:

    • Reduce redundancy across state and federal programs
    • Integrate guidance and resources across state and federal programsStaircase showing the three levels of support
    • Support LEAs to meet identified student needs through the LCAP process


    Level 1 – Support for All:

    Marin County Office of Education provides an array of support resources, services, tools and technical assistance to our districts, schools and community to improve student performance at the school level and narrow disparities among student groups.

    Level 2 – Differentiated Assistance:

    County superintendents, charter authorizers, the California Department of Education (CDE), and the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) provide differentiated assistance for LEAs, in the form of individually designed assistance, to address identified performance issues, including significant disparities in performance among student groups

    • County Offices of Education offer differentiated assistance to a school district if any student group does not meet performance standards for two or more LCFF priority areas. 
    • The California Department of Education must offer differentiated assistance to a COE if any student group does not meet the performance standard for two or more LCFF priorities
    • Charter authorizers must provide differentiated assistance to a charter school if three or more student groups (or all student groups if the charter school has less than three student groups) does not meet the performance standard for any LCFF priority area in three out of four consecutive school years

    LEA Criteria for Differentiated Assistance:

    To be identified for support, the same student group must meet the criteria in two different priority areas.  If an LEA does not meet a local indicator, all student groups are deemed as not meeting that local indicator:  Click here for tp view LEA Criteria for Differentiated Support on the CDE website.