Targeted/Additional Targeted Support & Improvement

  • The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires state educational agencies to determine school eligibility for targeted support and improvement (TSI) and additional targeted support and improvement (ATSI).

    Schools that meet the criteria for TSI or ATSI must partner with stakeholders to develop and implement a school-level plan to improve student outcomes.

    California will notify each local educational agency (LEA) in the State of any school served by the LEA, in which any subgroup of students is consistently underperforming.

    Upon notification by the State, the LEA is required to:

    • Provide notification to such school with respect to which student group or student groups in such school are consistently underperforming
    • Approve and monitor implementation of each school plan
    • Take additional action following unsuccessful implementation of such school plan after a number of years determined by the LEA

    Upon notification by the LEA, the school is required to partner with stakeholders to:

    • Develop and implement a school-level plan to improve student outcomes

      The school plan must:

      • be based on indicators in the statewide accountability system and informed by all indicators, including student performance against long-term goals; and
      • include evidence-based interventions.

    Additional Targeted Support and Improvement

    ATSI program requirements are the same as for TSI. However, schools that meet the criteria for ATSI shall identify resource inequities, which may include a review of LEA- and school-level budgeting, to be addressed through implementation of their school plan.

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