Early Childhood Education

  • Gender Awareness in Early Care and Education - April 3, 2019

    Equity, Social Justice, and Anti-Bias Affinity Group Workshop: Gender Awareness in Early Care and Education is the final of a series focusing on gender awareness that everyone, who, even if not in the focus group, are invited to attend.

    Race, Equity and Trauma - April 5, 2019

    Examine trauma through the lens of equity and social justice.  We discuss systematic oppression, racial equity, implicit bias, and the importance of culturally responsive practices in work with children, families, and communities.  Participants learn strategies for supporting young children's social emotional competence and develop awareness about policies and practices that prevent suspension, expulsion, and inequitablity.

    Learning About Gender Identity and Fairness - May 17, 2019

    • Children understand that they have agency in their gender identity and expression, in daily life as well as in play.
    • Children feel supported in their school environments to explore and express their gender(s).
    • Children validate and support other people's gender expressions and identities, including using requested names and pronouns.
    • Friendship, play, and social interaction amongst children of different genders is part of the classroom culture.
    • Children participate in a wide variety of activities necessary for their full cognitive and social-emotional development.
    • Children recognize gender bias and stereotypes in the classroom and in the world, and understand that they hurt people.
    • Children respond to gender bias in supportive, constructive ways, and seek to right wrongs.