Health & Wellness

  • Diabetes Training - September 6, 2019

    Any staff that will need to recognize the signs and symptoms to support students with diabetes should plan to attend. This workshop will address the following:

    • An overview of diabetes
    • Basic signs and symptoms
    • Assessment of non-emergency status

    Please click here to register for the workshop.

    Fentanyl Overdose Health Alert

    The Health Alert provides information about a suspected fentanyl overdose related to counterfeit Percocet in Marin amidst a trend of similar cases regionally.

    Immunization 101 - September 9, 2019 

    Review immunizations required by age and grade, changes due to SB277, and learn about conditional admission/requirements for medical exemption documentation.  This workshop will include the changes to requirements and medical exemptions that went into effect July 1, 2019 - including the new blue card. This seminar is intended for classroom teachers, nurses, school staff, preschool educators, and anyone responsible for checking immunizations, especially if you are new or could use a review.

    Please click here to register for the workshop.

    This video reviews immunization required by age and grade, requirements for conditional admission and medical exemptions, and how to complete the Annual Immunization assessment report to the California Department of Public Health.
    *Recording will be available until December 2020 when updates to requirements will be updated. 

    Shots for School - 2019

    The Shots for School website features everything you need to know about immunizaton requirements for child care, K-12, 7th grade, and college and includes the most current laws.  Featured resourses are:

    California Immunization Handbook - 2019

    The 10th edition (2019) of the California Immunization Handbook reviews school immunization requirements, staff responsibilities, procedures for evaluating immunization requirements, and reporting obligations.  The attached handbook supersedes all earlier versions of the California Immunization Handbook.

    Legal Requirements for Self-Administration of Asthma Medications - 2019

    Assembly Bill 743 (2019), attached, amends section 49423.1 of the Education Code to allow school districts to accemp a written statement from a physician or surgeon contracted with a prepaid health plan lawfully operating under the laws of Mexico.  Such a written statement must be written in both Spanish and English and include the name and contace information for the prescribing physician or surgeon. 

    The revised law also includes protections for school districts, school nurses and other school personnel to ensure that such persons will not be subject to liability, including civil liability, for "acts or omissions related to pupil self-administering inhaled asthma medication" pursuant to a valid written statement from a physician or surgeon.

    Marin School Nurses Organization Meeting Calendar 2019-20

    Marin School Nurses Organization (MSNO) Meeting Calendar for the 2019-20 school year.