• Legal Requirements for Self-Administration of Asthma Medications - 2019

    Assembly Bill 743 (2019), attached, amends section 49423.1 of the Education Code to allow school districts to accemp a written statement from a physician or surgeon contracted with a prepaid health plan lawfully operating under the laws of Mexico.  Such a written statement must be written in both Spanish and English and include the name and contace information for the prescribing physician or surgeon. 

    The revised law also includes protections for school districts, school nurses and other school personnel to ensure that such persons will not be subject to liability, including civil liability, for "acts or omissions related to pupil self-administering inhaled asthma medication" pursuant to a valid written statement from a physician or surgeon.

    New Restraining Order Case and Managing Disruptive Persons on Campus - 2019

    In June, the California Court of Appeal issued a decision which allows employers to seek a workplace violence restraining order against an individual on behalf of an employee.  This includes disruption of schools.  School districts may ask any person who enters any school district building or grounds (or adjoining area) to leave if they are present without lawful business if their presence or acts interfere with the peaceful conduct of the school or disrupts the school or its pupils.

    Crown Act (SB 188) Bans Workplace Discrimination on the Basis of Certain Hairstyles - 2019

    Senate Bill (SB) 188 (2019), affectionately known as the "Crown Act", amends section 212.1 of the Education Code and section 12926 of the Government Code to prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of certain hairstyles historically associated with race.  Please see SB 188 attached here.

    Know Your Rights Notification Regarding Immigrant Pupils - 2019

    In April 2018, School and College Legal Services notified clients of a new law designed to enhance protections for immigrant students and students with immigrant family members served by local educational agencies ("LEAs"), which went into effect beginning in the 2018-29 school year.  In addition to revising several Education Code laws to include protections for these students, the law also requires that schools provide "know your rights" information to parents/guardians related to education rights for immigrant students and students with immigrant family members.  Please refer to the attached from School and College Legal Services for full information.