• The Desired Results System has been established by the California Department of Education (CDE) Child Development Division (CDD) to improve program quality in early care and education programs across the state. The Desired Results System consists of 6 Desired Results, program standards and assessment tools. The assessment tools consist of a developmental profile to measure children’s progress towards the Desired Results, an environment rating scale to assess the learning environment, and a family survey to assess family’s progress towards the Desired Results for Families. Results are compiled and analyzed. Achievements are celebrated and action plans are created to work towards improving program quality.


    DRDP 2015: Saturdays 8:00 - 4:00

    • September 28th - Teacher Training, Module 1:  Format of DRDP 2015, Use of documentation and evidence to rate measures, Importance of inter-rater reliability. Required for attendance in DRDP Module 2 and Module 3. 
    • January 11th - Meaningful Observation, Module 2:  The purpose of observation, Observing and Collecting Evidence, Organizing an Observation System, Reviewing and Reflecting on Documentation; Rating the DRDP (2015).


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