Friday, Septerber 27, 2019

  • Yogi tea quote;  "Spread the light; be the lighthouse."


    This week we talked more about social and independent skills.  Personal space, be kind, you got this, I can do it!!!!  We had a fun lesson with Miss Celia discussing how to act appropriately with friends and be a good person.  She brought in sun flowers from her garden and we harvested the seeds.  Then we came up with some great words that describe good behavior and being kind to others.

    Have a fabulous weekend!!



Friday, September 6, 2019

  • Yogi tea quote:  "Your potential self is infinite."


    Hello families and friends!  This week we had our speech/language pathologist, Celia, come in for our weekly lesson.  We made a book with pictello that was all about getting to know our new friends in school.  Our new occupational therapist came in as well and we showed her how to play a big floor piano.  Super fun!! 

    Looks like a nice weekend ahead.  Enjoy!


    GO GIANTS!!!

  • Yogi tea quote:  "Live righteously and love everyone."


    Happy Friday!!  Here are some photos from the past two weeks.  Lots of stuff going on.  We picked the swiss chard from our garden and cooked it.  Surprisingly most of the students loved it!  There was a lovely visit from out special dog friend Lulu, such a sweetie.  We have been discusing cummincation skills and social skills as well.  Miss Celia and the class talked about how to meet people at school and be a good friend.  


    It might be a hot weekend so stay cool as a cucumber!!


    Go Giants!