• Legal Update – Know Your Rights Notification Regarding Immigrant Pupils  

    Legal Memo 20-2019 was distributed in response to a law passed in 2018 updating protection for immigrant students and students with immigrant family members. This law requires that local educational agencies (LEAs) provide “Know Your Rights” information to parents/guardians regarding education rights for these students. Main points of the “Know Your Rights” document were previously distributed, but this memo includes the complete “Know Your Rights” document in both English and Spanish, which must by law be distributed to parents/guardians by LEAs.


    Legal Update – Student Use of Smartphones  

    Legal Memo 21-2019 provides information on AB 272, effective January 1, 2020, which gives school districts, offices of education, and charter schools explicit authority to limit or prohibit use of smartphones. The law also provides some enumerated exceptions to this authority, including emergency situations, teacher or administrator permission, or as dictated by a medical professional or IEP. Schools are encouraged to review and update student discipline policies to explicitly address use of smartphones by students.