Continuity of Teaching and Learning

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  • Below are recommendations to support the continuity of teaching and learning for schools in the K-12 setting if there is an extended student absence or school dismissal. The resources below are accessible online and a student can identify the grade level needed to get work that is course appropriate.

    This recommendation comes from the published document from the California Department of Education, Preparing for Infectious Disease: Department of Education Recommendations To Ensure Continuity of Teaching and Learning.

    Continuity of Learning Resources to Support Student Learning at Home

    Multiple Content Areas

    • KHAN Academy
      • Platform provides K-12 students with tutorials and practice problems for mathematics, history, and arts.
      • Parents will need to create a user name and password.  
      • All subject matter is organized for use in the form of high quality videos that are pulled from all subject areas.
    • Learn Zillion and EL Education
      • Variety of online, interactive, and hands-on activities for grades K-12 students for math, reading, and writing.
    • IXL - Daily Skills Exercises
      • Using the free version, grades K-12 students have access to daily skills practice for math, reading, writing, science, and history. There is also Spanish practice!
    • PBS Kids
      • Mix of media tools to support student learning in reading and writing using current events for grades K-12.


    • NRich Maths ,  NZ Maths
      • K-12 math skills practice that incorporate the math practices.
    • YouCubed - Student Resources
      • Challenge problem solving and perseverance with these math activities. Some are numerical, some use the arts, all engage critical thinking for grades K-12.


    • Earth Day - Cool The Earth



                   Celebrate Earth Day by sharing this 30 minute fun and educational activity with your students. Cool the Earth, with a mission to reduce carbon emissions, is a trusted nonprofit organization that has provided climate programs nationwide since 2007.  


    • Cal Academy - Interactives
      • Using media tools like video, games, and simulations, explore how our world works for grades K-12.
    • Coding - Scratch
      • Develop coding skills by learning Scratch. Access to different levels of coding.
    • Exploratorium - Science Snacks
      • Hands-on activities that one can do from home, using supplies often found in the kitchen, while exploring the phenomena of our world for grades K-12.
    • Monterey Bay Aquarium - Student Learning
      • Using live cams, video field trips, and simulations, k-12 students dig into ocean ecosystems and develop an understanding of what their role is to protect it.
    • NASA - Student Tools
      • Participate in a flight simulation or ask questions from what the world looks like from the space station for grades 4-12.
    • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration - NOAA - Kid Learning
      • Using digital media, data sets, and podcasts, explore the oceans that NOAA researches and preserves.

    History-Social Science

    • Smithsonian - Learning Lab
      • Using digital media, investigate artifacts around history, science, peoples of today and past, and much more. Best for grades 3 - 12.
    • California State Parks
      • Plan the next vacation by learning about the California State Parks. Supports science and history standards for grades 2 - 12.

    Marin County School Websites - Public and Private Schools

      • Visit your school's website for access to the curriculum links and the online learning websites that the district is using with the student.

    California Department of Education