• Accessible Resources for Student Learning

    The following resources are recommendations to support the continuity of teaching and learning for schools in the K-12 setting in the event of extended student absence or school dismissal. For additional guidance, please see the U.S. Department of Education's Recommendations concerning this topic.

    Multiple Content Areas

    • KHAN Academy
      • Platform provides K-12 students with tutorials and practice problems for mathematics, history, and arts.
      • Parents will need to create a user name and password.
      • All subject matter is organized for use in the form of high quality videos that are pulled from all subject areas.
    • Learn Zillion and EL Education
      • Variety of online, interactive, and hands-on activities for grades K-12 students for math, reading, and writing.
    • IXL - Daily Skills Exercises
      • Using the free version, grades K-12 students have access to daily skills practice for math, reading, writing, science, and history. There is also Spanish practice!
    • PBS Education
      • Mix of media tools to support student learning in reading and writing using current events for grades K-12.


    • NRich Maths , NZ Maths
      • K-12 math skills practice.
    • YouCubed - Student Resources
      • Challenge problem solving and perseverance with these math activities. Some are numerical, some use the arts, all engage critical thinking for grades K-12.


    History-Social Science

    • Smithsonian - Learning Lab
      • Using digital media, investigate artifacts around history, science, peoples of today and past, and much more. Best for grades 3-12.
    • California State Parks
      • Plan the next vacation by learning about California State Parks. Supports science and history standards for grades 2-12.


    California Department of Education


    Marin County School Websites - Public and Private Schools

    • The Marin County Office of Education has collaborated with the districts to collect online learning resources on a padlet
    • Novato USD Remote Learning Library
    • Visit your school's website for access to the curriculum links and the online learning websites that the district is using with their students.