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  • 2020-2021 Annual Notice to Parents

    This is a Legal Update from School & College Legal Servics please read the following.  Consistent with Education Code section 48980 and other state and federal laws which require districts to annually notify students, parents, and guardians of their legal rights and responsibilities, attached is a form Annual Notice to Parents in English and in Spanish translation, appropriate for use in the 2020-21 school year.  The Annual Notice to Parents will satisfy a school district's obligations under Education Code section 48980 and other state and federal laws addressing annual notice requirements.  However, please be aware that the Annual Notice to Parents:

    • Provides only summary notification to parents for annually required notices; and
    • Does not satisfy any specific circumstance notifications that may be required under state and/or federal law, which will vary from district to district and may vary from school site to school site.

    Reporting Child Abuse During COVID-19 Crisis

    This is such an important time to make sure our children are safe.  Please from Bree Marchman, Child Welfare Division Director for the County of Marin: We are grateful to this department for their willingness to share this information with us. Thank you in advance for putting the word out.

    Fundraising for Marin's Community School Families

    We would like to share an update regarding funds raised for our Marin's Community School families.  So far, $4,165 has been raised, however there is still a need of support.  Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to share this opportunity.

    Online Google Apps and Google Classroom Training for Teachers - starting April 22, 2020

    Click here to register for either class below via Eventbrite:

    • Introduction to Google Classroom - Google Classroom is a free service that allows you to share files, create assignments, grade assignments and communicate with your students in a paperless way. Learn how to set up the free google classroom system, create classes and invite students, or have students join a class on their own. You will explore the different features of the Stream tab and how to post materials, as well as the Classwork tab, incorporating the Calendar for scheduling classes, assignments and quizzes. We will also explore some Assignment ideas, and look at the People tab and Grades tab finally finishing with a review of the overall Settings and how to change them.  This is a great introductory class for people to get up and running with Google Classroom.

    • Introduction to Google Docs - In this class you will learn the basics of three Google Docs Applications, Docs, Sheets and Presentations. For Docs: naming and renaming documents, paragraph settings, page numbering, styles, sharing documents and uploading files. For Sheets: basic functions and formulas, formatting, print settings, sharing sheets. For Presentations: Adding slides, arranging content, changing themes, using the master slide, inserting objects (pictures, graphics etc), slide transitions and animations, speaker notes and printing.  Document version history for all three apps will also be covered.  Everything you need to know to get up and running with google docs.

    Disaster Worker Service Opportunities

    In our role as public employees providing essential education services for our community’s children, we also have the opportunity to respond to the COVID-19 crisis as Disaster Service Workers (DSW) for the community at large.  Distinct from working as an Essential Worker, a DSW can serve in a variety of roles, ranging from working in Pop Up Childcare Centers to Food Distribution centers and delivery, as well as other areas of need.  While our county prepares for a broader demand for DSWs, we’re currently recruiting for volunteers in the Pop Up Childcare Centers or Food Distribution roles.  We currently have approximately a dozen MCOE and district employees currently working in the Pop Up Childcare Centers and another handful serving in our county’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and we are deeply grateful for their willingness to serve our community during this unprecedented time.

    Click here for a look at how these Pop Up Childcare Centers are making a difference.

    Click here for more information about the Pop Up Childcare Centers. As essential workers, MCOE employees can register their interest in using one of the childcare centers online.

    If you are interested in serving as a DSW in the Pop Up Childcare Center or Food Distribution area, and you have not already volunteered, please let your supervisor know.  All MCOE employees previously completed a survey about any special limitations or skills you may have.  Once we hear from you you will receive a follow up communication that will further determine how and where to best to use your skills.

    Click here for more information about DSWs and a list of FAQs.