• 2020-21 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) - Delayed until December 15, 2020

    Governor Newson issued Executive Order N-56-20 to provide guidance to local educational agencies in the development of the 2019-20 LCAP Annual Update and the new three-year LCAP for the years 2020-21 through 2022-23.

    The Executive order suspends LCAP requirements until December 15th requiring a COVID-19 Operations written report in its place to address the areas of student services identified in the Governor’s Executive Order N-26-20 holding LEAs harmless for the loss of attendance associated with school site closure.

    The COVID-19 report should accompany the budget for the budget public hearing and must be adopted during the same meeting at which the governing board or body of the LEA adopts the annual budget. California Department of Education (CDE) has developed a template that may be used for the COVID-19 report which should succinctly explain the changes the LEA made to program offerings during the pandemic and the major impacts of school closures on families and students, including, at a minimum, a description of how the LEA is meeting the needs of LCFF student groups.

    School districts must submit the COVID-19 report to the county superintendent of schools in conjunction with submission of the adopted annual budget, however, it is not subject to review or approval. The approved report must also be published on the LEA's website.

    The 2020-21 LCAP will be a one-year LCAP to be prepared using an as-yet-to-be developed template. CDE will host a working group once again to develop the template over the summer months.