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  • 2020-21 First Interim Marin Common Message

    The Marin Common Message for First Interim 2020-21 providing guidance on the State Adopted budget and the associated changes to Education Code has been released and is attached


    Preparation for First Interim Budget  

    We began a series of weekly budget work sessions on Friday October 23rd that will continue through November focused on the first interim budget. Technical notes for the 2020-21 Adopted Budgets have been provided to the school district chief business officials and notes for the 2019-20 Unaudited Actual review will be provided this week. Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) revenue estimates and other first interim budget guidance including P-1 Property Taxes will be provided by November 15th.


    Special Education Annual Financial Reporting

    Special Education maintenance of effort forms for both 2019-20 compliance and 2020-21 eligibility have been updated for technical corrections and are being provided to chief business officials with an updated subsequent year rule worksheet which will need to be certified by each district and returned to us by November 16th for filing with CDE. Federal excess cost reports are also being provided to chief business officials and will also need to be certified by each district and returned to us by November 16th for filing with CDE.



    COVID-19 Safe Classrooms Clean Air Program

    The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria have established the FIGR COVID-19 Safe Classrooms Clean Air Program to help facilitate the return to in-person instruction by supporting the acquisition of air purifiers in classrooms serving low-income students.


    Air purification equipment that satisfies Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidance and that has been installed prior to December 30, 2020  in classrooms most directly serving low income children, is eligible for reimbursement. EPA guidance is available at this link: 


    To claim reimbursement under this generous grant program, we will need a copy of the invoice for air purification equipment and a signed copy of the attached certification (electronic signature is fine). If your district has purchased an alternate model of air purifier to those listed above please also provide evidence that the model satisfies EPA guidance cited above.


    Many districts have already provided our office with copies of their invoices for air purification equipment. As soon as we receive the signed certification and, if necessary, supporting evidence the equipment satisfies EPA guidance we will process the request for reimbursement.



    Extension of due date for Annual Financial Audit

    Senate Bill 98 added Education Code Section 41020.9 which provides an extension on the submission of the 2019-20 annual financial audit from December 15, 2020 to March 31, 2021. Some districts have received notice from their auditors that reports will not be finalized in 2020 as the auditors will be using the extension of time to complete audits.