Education Services

  • Innovative Learning Team Meeting: September 10, 2021

    Note: Past attendance to ILT has been inconsistent by our districts. To create value and drive impact, the Education Services team is taking a new approach to the information we are sharing in the hopes more systems and schools will benefit from material we think is important to have common understandings about. We are expanding the initiation to this group to all Marin administrators.  Our goal is to be massively informative and efficient. And the more school leaders who have a deepening understanding of this work the better!  Future meetings are scheduled to be virtual--so no need to leave the site.


    Marin County Educational Leaders Networks 2021-22 Meeting Schedule

    The 2021-22 Marin County Educational Leaders Networks Meeting flyer contains the meeting dates with the Elementary School Principals, Middle School Principals, High School Principals (TBD), English Learners (EL)/Newcomer Coordinators,  and ILT-M.  Please Join Us!


    Dr. Lori Watson Workshops: Elevation 2 Transformation, Deeper Dive and Leaders of Leaders starting in September 2021

    Dr Lori Watson will be presenting the Elevation 2 Transformation (E2T) Workshop, Deeper Dive (DD) 2-day Workshop and Leaders on Leaders (LOL) 2-day workshop. The attached flyer  provides workshop dates and registration information on the three (3) workshops offered.


    Intricate Roots: The Impact of Stress on Learning Behavior 2021-22 Virtual Seminar Series

    Participants will walk away with 1) a new lens that helps them better conceptualize students they serves and 2) tools they need to begin shifting how they create supports for themselves and students. Concepts from Neurosequential Model in Education (NME) will be used in this presentation. See the attached flyer for meeting dates and registration information.