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    2021-22 Adopted Budget and LCAP Review

    We appreciate the rapid responses districts made to LCAP board clarification letters and were able to approve all LCAPs by the statutory deadline.  Likewise, the rapid response to draft budget approval letters allowed us to mail approval of district budgets by the statutory deadline of September 15th.  As noted in the letters, most districts have experienced a decline in enrollment and a number of districts are projecting the need for budget reductions over the multi-year projection.


    Affordable Care Act Reporting Training

    The  Internal Revenue Services (IRS) have not yet released the draft 2020 Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting forms and instructions, nonetheless, it’s time to start preparing for ACA reporting. Two training dates will be scheduled at the end of October to provide an understanding of the process we use, go over the data collection spreadsheet, and timelines for preparation. If the final IRS ACA reporting forms have any material changes impacting the data collection we will conduct follow-up training.


    2020-2021 Unaudited Financials

    All districts have submitted their Unaudited actuals financial data for 2020-21. The data is being reviewed before certification to the CDE on or before October 15th.


    ESSER III Expenditure Plans

    All districts are required to adopt an expenditure plan for ESSER III funds no later than October 29, 2021. We provided a short training video as well as additional resources to support districts in the development of this plan and have discussed with CBOs during CBO budget sessions. Please submit your plan to our office  for review and approval within five days of adoption.  We will complete the review and approval process by December 17, 2021.