• Friday, October 1, 2021


    Yogi tea quote:  "You are equally as beautiful as the universe."


    Hello family and friends.   This week we had a great cooking class making a healthy stew.  The students really enjoyed making and eating it!  Blanche returned for a wonderful Qigong class and Laura stopped by with the cute dogs Lulu and Carlton.  We wrote in our journals and discussed what we missed about school over the summer and made goals for the new school year.  Our Mystery Science lesson asked the question "Who invented pizza?".  That was super fun and informative.  Apparently it's Naples, Italy!


    Have a fantastic weekend!


    Go Giants!!!  Last games this weekend before playoffs!!!

  • Friday, October 8, 2021




    Yogi tea quote:  "You will always live happy if you live with heart."


    Wow this week went by fast!!  We started a unit on biomes and will be discussing different climates.  It was Kate's birthday this week so she brought some yummy cupcakes she made at home.  Friday felt like such a Fall day that we decided to bake a cake!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  • Friday, October 15, 2021.


    Yogi tea quote:  "Accept the challenge you are facing.  It may become your greatest gift."


    Hello everyone!  This week we read about the different types of forests around the world such as the deciduous and coniferous.  There are different temperatures, plants and animals these biomes.  We talked about the weather in different biomes and what clothes you would wear.  The students chose cites to report on the unique weather in the area.  It was fun hearing about the weather in Miami and San Francisco. We also participated in the Maroo Day activities.  Maroo is a book about a girl who survives harsh conditins with her family during prehistoric times. 

    Have a beautiful weekend! 


    I will not comment on the Giants!   But it was soooo wrong!!!!!!

  • Friday, October 22, 2021


    Yogi tea quote:  "The essence of life is to communicate love."


    Good aftenoon Friday!!!!!   The rain has come!  It was a busy week and we didn't take many pictures.  Some fun highlights were motor group Halloween activites with Miss Lisa and cooking some cheesy turkey sandwiches.  We also read a funny Halloween book.  It's going to rain a lot this weekend so be safe and stay dry.  


    Have a good one!!!

  • Friday, October 29, 2021.


    Yogi tea quote:  "Create the sequence of goodness, consequences will always be good."




    Enjoy the weekend and be safe!