• Friday, May 6, 2022


    Yogi tea quote:  "There is no right time, there is only time."


    Hello Friday!!!  It's May!!!!  We have been doing a lot of springtime activities, such as planting seeds and relocating them to our garden.  This month our theme is Earth and space science; caring for our Earth.  We have been reading about the make up of our environment:  water, land, people, plants and animals.  It will be a fun month of learning about Mother Earth and how to keep her happy.


    Have an awesome weekend!


    GO GIANTS!!!!

  • Friday, May 20, 2022


    Yogi tea quote:  "When you become a part of the universe, the universe becomes part of you."


    Happy Friday everyone!!!!  What a beautiful week!   We continued our unit about recycling, reusing and reducing.   We collected used water bottles and reused them to make flower pots.  It was very satisfying!  We also learned about how plastic bottles can be made into park benches and plastic water bottle tops into sunglasses.  Very cool!  

    Have a fun, safe weekend!!!

    GO GIANTS!!!!