• New Marin Career Technical Education Center Offers College and Career Opportunities for Students 


    Through a partnership between the Marin County high school districts and the Marin County Office of Education, the new Marin Career Technical Education (CTE) Center, located on the campus of Terra Linda High School, in San Rafael, will open to students countywide this spring.

    The Marin CTE Center will expand the variety of available CTE courses and increase student accessibility by offering classes in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends, and providing transportation options across the county.


    • Examples of Outdoor Workshop Structures (similar to what is proposed for Marin CTE Center)



    • Similar structure currently in use at our Construction Technology classes at Redwood High School



    • Classroom Renovations – includes flexible furniture to easily transform classrooms from workshops to design centers:


      • Workshop Classroom:



      • Design Classroom:




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    All the funds donated towards the CTE Center will help further student Career Technical Education. 


    For additional information on Marin Career Technical Education (CTE) Center, please click here