• Friday, May 19, 2023


    Yogi tea quote:  "Be the person you were meant to be."


    Happy Friday everyone!!!  There's been fun-filled learning going on about the ocean biome and sea animals.  How do fish breathe? We conducted an experiment to see what would act best as gills for a fish to breathe in oxygen, a coffee filter or tissue paper.  We put coffee grounds in a jar filled with water. Water is made up of two things; hydrogen and oxygen. The coffee grounds represent oxygen. We had two other jars, one that was topped with a coffee filter and the other with tissue paper.  Then we poured the coffee grounds over both jars to see if water and coffee grounds would pass through.  What was our hypothesis?  Some people thought tissue paper would make better gills and some thought the coffee filter.  Well, the water came through the jar covered with the coffee filter and the coffee grounds (oxygen) did not filter through while the water passed through. The fish gets the oxygen it needs to breathe while not having too much water inside its body.  Fun expirement!!

    Since the weather is getting better, our OT Lisa had a lemon aid making activity for us!  Delicious!!! 

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

    GO GIANTES!!!!